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The leitmotif of this training is to defend through the traditional Polyphonic and Sacred song its identity and its culture and to maintain the values of solidarity, fraternity and friendship.
To say you're Corsican is to be attached to your land, your culture and your language.
Sumente recognizes this strong, visceral bond. To share this love with the public through the texts and songs that characterize them.
Poetry, but also commitment to defending the fragile country they cherish so dearly.
A people who must fight every day to keep alive the values handed down from generation to generation.

This trio, made up of Bernard on guitar, Serge on percussion and Dumè on guitar, sing of love, fraternity, hope and the right to be different.
They invite you on a journey. A repertoire that evokes the strength of the family, the importance of solidarity and the beauty of this Mediterranean island lit by a warm, generous sun, where a proud people sing, happy to welcome you and, above all, eager to tell you their story.
Amicizia. Sumente.



Confrérie San Carlu
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 42.61627
Longitude : 8.95498