Sumente - Ile Rousse

  • Groupe Culturel Corse


The leitmotif of this training is to defend through the traditional Polyphonic and Sacred song its identity and its culture and to maintain the values of solidarity, fraternity and friendship.
The "Sumente" Association, born in 2000 in the Lupinu districts of Bastia, likes to be both cultural and social.

Through the song "Sumente" wants to promote polyphony, the traditional and the sacred Corsica. It is with adolescents that "the associate" began, to expand its activity to the youngest from the age of 6 and this year, it opens its doors to adults and children of 3 years.

You are passionate about singing, you play an instrument, you want to defend the Corsican language and culture through poetry and singing. You like brotherhood and the scene attracts you.

To be the den where you will find what you are passionate about, and what you are looking for.
"Sumente" wants to be a big family where friendship, adventure and hearts will mingle.



Eglise de la Miséricorde
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Latitude : 42.63444
Longitude : 8.93588