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The Corsican polyphonic group, Meridianu, invites you to come and discover its artistic universe against a backdrop of traditional Corsican singing and paghjella.
Both singers and musicians, all three have all the nuances of polyphonic singing, including paghjella, which they have been practicing for many years.

Moreover, aware of the need to preserve these songs classified by UNESCO as a world heritage site, they did not hesitate to give their time to initiate young singers and even choirs to the different traditional forms of Corsican song.

The trio also want to express through songs that are their own creations the daily experience of their island, without forgetting to take a close look at the everyday events that other peoples live elsewhere in the world.

The musical instruments which accompany the voices vary according to the concerts, however guitar, et cetera, violin, accordion come back most often. Various other small handcrafted wind instruments can be used depending on the color you want to give to the song.

So when asked about the future of Corsican singing can they answer without a shadow of a hesitation: "We have no right to betray these forms of singing which are our cultural heritage through approximate performances, repetitive and devoid of creativity. For this we have chosen to make the life of an artist our profession, the only way to produce regular and continuous work, where everyone takes their part but above all with the objective of all together expressing the best of Corsican song.



GPS coordinates
Latitude : 42.61496
Longitude : 8.90667