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  • L'Ensemble Harmonie Géorgienne
  • L'Ensemble Harmonie Géorgienne
L'Ensemble Harmonie GéorgienneL'Ensemble Harmonie Géorgienne


Come and discover the Ensemble Harmonie Géorgienne in concert, where extraordinary female voices will transport you with the sacred and traditional songs of Georgia, respecting the authenticity and tradition of this UNESCO intangible heritage.
Created in 2006 in Paris by Nana Peradze, the Harmonie Géorgienne ensemble is made up of passionate professionals of Georgian origin.
Its vocation is to make known the religious and popular songs of Georgia in their authenticity and respect for tradition. Georgian music, born of Georgia's rich cultural tradition, is renowned for its diversity and emotional depth.

Harmonie Géorgienne's concert includes the most beautiful sacred and traditional songs. The women's voices are extraordinary, taking each listener to intimate lands and great spiritual spaces where the resonance of the soul is heard above all.

Come and discover the spellbinding beauty of Georgian songs and their exceptional harmonies.
A central and unique element of this music is Georgian polyphonic singing, which is on UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage.



Route territoriale 30 - Route de Bastia
Lieu-dit Saleccia
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