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L'Alba is a group from Balagne which mixes traditional polyphonic vocals and instruments such as guitar, percussion, bass, cetera, violin, accordion, harmonium, flutes, clarinet, and bass clarinet.
L'Alba likes to say that the Corsican musical tradition is not fixed, but on the contrary, in evolution, in movement. The music of L'Alba, timeless and open to the World, takes in its new album À PRINCIPIU an always more Mediterranean orientation.
L'Alba gives again to its work a place of choice in the Corsican musical landscape; while preserving the inheritance of the polyphonic voices, the group integrates from now on new influences with a pallet of sonorities borrowed from cultures of region of the world such as the north of Africa, Italy, Greece, Portugal...
Alba's creative approach is guided by its desire to accompany its songs with original arrangements of Mediterranean sounds, while remaining faithful to the ancestral cultural tradition. This desire to work in this direction was born from the observation of the proximity of the vocal identities of the peoples of the Mediterranean basin, in particular in term of melismas and more largely in term of aesthetics.
Characterized by its compositions instilling an exclusively positive energy, À PRINCIPIU has the ambition to visit more varied times and territories going from the North African area to the Eastern Mediterranean, marked by traditional or contemporary accents. It is with the use of instruments such as the harmonium, the acoustic or electric guitar, the violin, the clarinets, the flutes, the mandolins, the bass, the percussions that the voices harmonize, that the monodies and the polyphonies sing a musical dialogue inspired by the circulation of the people and their cultural exchanges.

Since its professionalization in 2005, À PRINCIPIU is the fifth album of the group in which participated prestigious guests (the Senegalese-Moroccan drummer and percussionist Mokthar Samba, the Zimbabwean singer and guitarist Louis Mhlanga, the Corsican guitarist Fanou Torracinta ...) but also very talented instrumentalists and singers of the island who joined the collective for the occasion, some of them, seduced by the new approach, became full members.
Thus À PRINCIPIU which means "at the beginning" in Corsican, leads the group to the beginning of a new artistic and human adventure..."



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