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L'Alba is a group from Balagne which mixes traditional polyphonic vocals and instruments such as guitar, percussion, bass, cetera, violin, accordion, harmonium, flutes, clarinet, and bass clarinet.
The Alba is characterized by its Mediterranean-sounding music, its eclectic ensemble of instruments and the singularity of its polyphonic songs. The alchemy between its original instrumentarium and its voices deeply rooted in tradition, allows the group to regularly access prestigious national and international stages, where the growing enthusiasm of the public sublimates this unique moment of sharing at each concert.
The singing musicians of L’Alba like to say that their Corsican musical tradition is not fixed, but on the contrary alive, in evolution, in movement. For nearly ten years, the music of L’Alba has reconnected with the somewhat forgotten instrumental tradition, not hesitating to make it evolve into a more contemporary fashion.
The various paths taken by L’Alba give his music a unique character. Sounds from India, the Maghreb and the Mediterranean region nourish the musical universe of the group in which instruments and voices harmonize.



GPS coordinates
Latitude : 42.63443
Longitude : 8.93588