Jean-Paul Poletti et le chœur de Sartène - Ile Rousse

  • JP Poletti et le Choeur de sartene


Jean-Paul Poletti and the Choir of Sartène invite you to discover the soul of Corsica through their polyphonic songs. At the end of each concert (for many years) the group offers the public a pot of cookies and Sartenais wine.
A father from Venaco, a mother from Santa Maria Figaniella, Jean-Paul Poletti brings together the north and south of Corsica.
In 1987, he set up a singing school in Sartène. The most important thing for Jean-Paul Poletti and that the Corsican people remain the main actor in their cultural destiny. From the beginning, the pedagogical concern of the School of Singing is twofold: to preserve the musical heritage, but also to be open to all genres: popular, classical, lyrical, religious .. This school has become since Center d'Art Polyphonic, and Jean-Paul Poletti, its conductor, conducts two choirs: a mixed choir of 40
people, Granitu Maggiore and the Sartène Men's Choir.

The choir of Sartène, was created in 1995 composed of 6 men, the group constantly invents musical spaces of classical form, nourished by the past, but of contemporary inspiration. The different directories of the
group oscillate between profane and sacred in an attempt to convey emotion, an idea of ​​the Corsican soul and the mysteries of this island, in short what is invisible to the eye. All over the world and the most important scenes (Mexico, China, Korea, USA, Austria, Belgium, Russia…) they have been trying since 1995 to convey a part of themselves to the audience.



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