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An artist alone on stage, a moment out of time, his voice changes picture with each song. Battista is accompanied in turn by a piano and his cetera Anghjula Mamica, emblematic instrument bewitching between two ecstatic a cappella.
Author, composer and performer, specialist in traditional Corsican music. Corsican voice identifiable by an exceptional range of more than three octaves, he has been travelling the world for more than ten years: Austria, Quebec, Reunion, Emirates, Jordan...

Battista is accompanied in turn by his cetera Anghjula Mamica, an emblematic traditional instrument and a piano, between two ecstatic Corsican a cappella. For a tour of world music starting from Corsica through the revisiting of some great Corsican polyphonies and two great film scores.

Battista's music resounds between 2012 and 2013 in one of the largest cathedrals in Europe, St. Stephen's in Vienna (Austria) in a series of performances entitled Chromotopia.

Thanks to a casting team that spotted her on the web, the general public discovered her during The Voice France 2015, gathering millions of views1 in the interpretation of a Corsican sacred song.

After the release of her album Les Chants de Libertés - 13 songs of world music in 7 languages (Universal 2015), she left with Voice Tour for a tour of the Zeniths of France and then with Voices on the stage of the mythical Théâtre Antique d'Orange.

In 2017, Battista's voice rises in Dubai, during in an unreal setting and a magical scenography orchestrated by the former artistic director of Cirque du Soleil Franco Dragone for the world premiere of his show The Pearl, surrounded by sixty acrobats and dancers. The Al Habtoor Theatre is an aqua-theater with 1300 seats (2.7 million liters of water on stage).

Throughout the years, Battista recorded several duets with the groups La Femme, Les Stentors, Les Chjami Aghjalesi, and Natasha St-Pier. In 2019, his single Passio was selected for Destination Eurovision France.

In 2018, Battista was invited to Jordan by His Serene Highness in a festival for Peace, and sang live on Jordanian television in the presence of several delegations from around the world. In 2019, her single Passio is selected for Destination Eurovision France.

After about fifty concerts following the release of her opus Celeste, of which she signs most of the texts, Battista returns in 2023 with a new album Spiriti Corsi in an intimate concert and a closeness with her audience.



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