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  • Battista Acquaviva


BATTISTA, a Corsican voice identifiable by its extraordinary range. A single artist on stage, who alternately accompanies her cetera, instrument
traditional with magical sounds and its piano between two ecstatic a cappella.
Battista Acquaviva is distinguished by its extraordinary range and its exceptional tone of voice. An eclectic and comprehensive artist whose repertoire ranges from pop world music to traditional vocals.

Discovered by the general public in The Voice in 2015, this televised performance of a traditional Corsican song has gathered millions of views on youtube.

Rooted in turn in her land, by turns celestial, her Corsican tone of voice sometimes becomes angelic when accompanied by her instrument (the ceterina) with magical sounds worthy of a music box.

Since 2012, recognized by her peers, she has become an icon in her field, she participates in various festivals and has performed in Quebec and Montreal, in Vienna (Austria), in Reunion, and in Jordan last December, invited by the king during a Festival for Peace, live on Jordanian TV.

Accompanied by her flagship instrument: her citrus worthy of a lyre and her piano that she touches like a harp, she now operates the magic of a return to her roots, returning to the essential with a refined repertoire. , which is its strength.



Route Territoriale 30
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 42.63630
Longitude : 8.97907