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  • Battista Acquaviva


Battista Acquaviva offers you an internship combining voice and personal development in the heart of the Parc de Saleccia de Monticello. A real encounter with the artist and with your musical soul.
Ten years ago, during a master class she gave in Belgium with her father Nando, Battista was moved to tears by the students present and developed a new approach:
“The voice is a mystery. You cannot know how it will vibrate tomorrow, and yours has no limits except those imposed by your mind. I look forward to seeing you discover your voice and to see you commune through it. I want to sing for everyone, and blackmail everyone because we're all made the same way. We can without differentiating each other
emit sublime sounds and be appeased by this second face that is our voice. As much as in the voice and the gaze of the other, they will all be able to do it. We just need to guide them. "
Obviously, the miracle is always the same: the voice arises, the song rises. Promise of original harmony, including breathing exercises also applicable in stressful situations. Embark on a precious little guide to serenity through vocal vibration and use it without moderation.
Ten years ago, Battista's voice began to travel the world .. and television screens: Quebec, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Reunion Island, Dubai, Jordan. This meeting is timeless and you will understand that his song, which was the subject of scientific analysis, is only the expression of the heart.



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